What Does The Name Deacon Mean

What Does The Name Deacon Mean. Deacon meaning, deacon popularity, deacon hieroglyphics, deacon numerology, and other interesting facts.web What does the name deacon mean?

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Also note the spelling and the pronunciation of the.web [1] notable people with the name include: Name deacon in the greek origin, means the servant of.web

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This name was transposed from the word for a church officer to a baby name when reese witherspoon and ryan phillippe chose it for their son, after a baseball.web It is of greek origin, and the meaning of deacon is dusty one; Family name origins & meanings.

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A deacon is a ministerial assistant in a christian congregation. Pronounce deacon [ 2 syll. Thing > clergyperson, holy one, occupation, personal role, worker > deacon.web

What Does The Name Deacon Mean?

Emerging from the greek diakonos, deacon.web The name deacon is primarily a male name of english origin that means pastor. Literal translations for the name deacon.

Deacon Means Dusty One, Servant, Messenger Or Deacon Is Of English And Old Greek Origin And A Baby Boy Name Is Commonly Used In English.

The name deacon is closely associated with the role of.web A protestant layman who assists the minister.web What is the meaning of the name deacon?

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Either from the occupational surname deacon or directly from the vocabulary word deacon, which refers to a cleric in the christian church.web What is the origin of the name deacon? In the english origin, deacon means dusty one;