What Does The Name Delphine Mean

What Does The Name Delphine Mean. Origin french delphine name popularity 2023.web Classic formal upper class natural wholesome delicate refined strange complex serious nerdy.web

Girls Name Delphine; Name Meaning Dolphin; Name Origin French Name

Delphine is infrequently used as a baby name for boys. Delphine is a feminine name of french and greek origins that is perfect if you can sense baby’s mythical side. The delphinium flower latin meaning:

Delphine Name Meaning And Origin What Does Delphine Mean?

Delphine as a girls' name is of greek origin, and the meaning of delphine is dolphin. Dolphin, woman from delphi behind info: Pronunciation of delphine german english french spanish .web

The Name Delphine Is A Girl's Name Of French Origin Meaning Of Delphi;

The name of a 4th century french saint. Origin or current usage greek gender f rating 1 2 3 4 5 be the first one to vote! The baby girl name delphine is of greek origin.

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Says the name delphine means from god. Delphine meaning, delphine popularity, delphine.web In french baby names the meaning of the name delphine is:

Derived From The Greek Name.

Inspired by the name of the delphinium flower, delphine is derived from the greek delphin (a dolphin) origins: See also the related category french. The delphinium flower latin meaning:

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Detailed information about the name delphine the.web Delphi was home to the famed sanctuary and oracle of apollo, located.web Delphine means “of delphi” (from latin “delphinus”) and “born in the water” (from greek “delphis”).