What Does The Name Dolly Mean. Dolly's meaning perfect name for your little one Dolly means “gift of god” (from dorothy) and “sorrows” or “lady of sorrows”.

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You can combine two names to find matching names or you can get completely random names. Accompanying with dolly meaning you can also listen here how to. In english baby names the meaning of the name dolly is:

In English Baby Names The Meaning Of The Name Dolly Is:

Soft girl names perfectly suit a little girl ready for life’s adventures. What is the origin of the name dolly? Dolly is largely used in the scottish language and it is derived from celtic origins.

Person With Name Dolly Are With Loads Of Positive Aspects In Their Lives.

Web meanings english baby names meaning: Web what does dolly mean? It is of english origin.

Dolly Is Considered A Diminutive Of The Names Dorothy And Dolores.

Originally a nickname of the feminine names dolores and dorothy, dolly has become a given name in its own right. Okay, we couldn't resist, but be warned: Dolly is a christian girl name and it is an english originated name with multiple meanings.dolly name meaning is gift of god and the associated lucky number is 5.

Web Name Dolly Or (No Variations) Means Variant Of The Greek Dorothy Meaning Gift Of God.

Web the name dolly is a girl's name of english origin meaning gift of god. Web doll and dolly were used from the 16th century, and the common english word doll (for the plaything) is derived from them. Web according to 2 people from texas, u.s., the name dolly is of american / english origin and means god's child.

Variants Dee, Dodie, Dollie, Dora,.

Dorothy is derived from the greek name. Web in this article, we'll explore the history and significance of the name dolly, as well as its popularity and variations. Great names for little feet to grow on