What Does The Name Gerardo Mean

What Does The Name Gerardo Mean. It is derived from the elements “ger” meaning “spear” and “hard” meaning. The roots of the name can be traced back to its german lineage, deriving from.

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Gerardo is also a variation (english, italian, and spanish) of gerard (english, french, and dutch). The name gerardo in reverse order is odrareg. Gerardo is the spanish and italian equivalent of gerard.

Web The Name Gerardo Is Of Spanish Origin And Is Derived From The Germanic Name Gerard, Which Means 'Brave With A Spear'.

A user from arizona, u.s. Gerardo amarilla (born 1969), uruguayan politician. Web what does gerardo mean?

It Is Also Of Italian Origin, Where Its Meaning Is Spear Rule.

Also gerardo is italian, english and spanish form of gerard. Name gerardo in the spanish, italian, german origin, means. The name was introduced to spain by the visigoths, a.

Web Gerardo Is Spanish Cognate Of Gerald.

Web a submission from brazil says the name gerardo means java. The meaning of gerardo is spear brave. In spanish baby names the meaning of the name gerardo is:

Gerardo Is A Unique Name For A Baby.

From the old high german gerhart, a compound name composed of the elements ger (a spear) and hart (hearty, brave, strong): Classic mature formal upper class wholesome strong rough strange serious nerdy. The name gerardo is primarily a male name of spanish origin that means spear brave.

Gerardo Is The Spanish And Italian Equivalent Of Gerard.

Web the name gerardo is of spanish origin. Gerard in turn comes from an old frankish personal name rooted in the germanic language, derived from the. Web in italian the meaning of the name gerardo is: