What Does The Name Kwame Mean

What Does The Name Kwame Mean. Web kwame is a masculine akan name of ghanaian origin, meaning “born on saturday.” a beloved name in akan communities, kwame is part of the tradition of. Web meaning:* this name derives from the african (akan ashanti) (èʋe) “mene,” meaning “born on saturday (méméneda), linked to the god.” the akan and ewe people frequently.

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Web kwame is an african name for boys. Kwame is an akan masculine given name among the akan people (such as the ashanti and fante) in ghana which is given to a boy born on saturday. Web what does kwame mean?

What Is The Meaning Of The Name Kwame?

African american names, african names, akan names, ghanaian names. Web what does name kwame mean. Web what does kwame mean?

The First Name Kwame Is Of African Origin.

A user from connecticut, u.s. Web the meaning of kwame is : Says the name kwame means it origins.

Web Kwame Is A Name That Originates From The Akan People Of Ghana.

Meaning of the name kwame. Web according to a user from ghana, the name kwame is of akan origin and means saturday born male child. ♥ add to my namelist.

Born On Saturday In The African Origin.

It is a male name that is given to a child born on a saturday. The akan people of ghana and the ivory coast frequently name their children. Web by kwame anthony appiah.

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Web what is the meaning of the name kwame? Extremes in fortune, health and spirituality. It is derived literally from the word 'kwame' which means born on saturday.