What Does The Name Larissa Mean

What Does The Name Larissa Mean. Λάρισα) is a female given name of greek origin that is common in eastern european nations of orthodox church heritage. From the same root as hilary.

Larissa, Female Given Name Composed with Multi Colored Stone Letters

Origin and meaning of larissa. Derived from the phrase ‘laros’ meaning attractive. Meaning of the name larissa.

The Name Was Later Borne By The Christian Martyr Of The Fourth Century Saint Larissa.

In russian baby names the meaning of the. Web the name larissa means strong and cheerful. Larissa name meaning and details.

Origin And Meaning Of Larissa.

Web the baby girl name larissa is of greek origin. The name can be of disputed origin; The meaning of larissa is :

Meaning Citadel, Larissa, Or Lárissa, Was.

Larissa is a nymph name that's daintily pretty and a fresh alternative to melissa or alyssa. Derived from the phrase 'laros' meaning attractive. Keep reading to find the user submitted meanings, dictionary definitions, and more.

Λάρισα) Is A Female Given Name Of Greek Origin That Is Common In Eastern European Nations Of Orthodox Church Heritage.

Meaning of the name larissa. It has been commonly used as an english given name only since the 20th century, as a borrowing from. A safe protected place, like a citadel of a fortress.

Larissa Meaning, Larissa Popularity, Larissa Hieroglyphics, Larissa Numerology, And Other Interesting Facts.

Web larissa name meaning and origin. The name of the ancient city of larisa in thessaly. Though this is the more common variation in the western world, the original is.