What Does The Name Livia Mean

What Does The Name Livia Mean. It is applied mainly in german, hebrew, and italian languages. Looking back to these days, the.

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Web what does the name livia mean? Olivia originates in latin language and means olive. Web livia name meaning and origin what does livia mean?

Web Livia Is A Female Version Of The Name Olive.

Livia was the wife of augustus and the most powerful woman in the early roman empire. The name livia is an english baby name. Usually used as a short form of olivia.

Livia Is The Feminine Form Of Livius, From A Roman Family Name, Possibly From Livio To Envy, Or Lividus, Blue, Envious,

From roman times, this was the female derivative of the family name livius. Web what does livia mean? It was used for the first time by shakespeare in his play twelfth night.

This Was The Name Of The Wife Of The Roman Emperor Augustus, Livia Drusilla.

It is of latina, and hebrew source. Babycenter user data popularity over time. Web what does the name livia mean?

Livia Is A Girl's Name Of Latin Origin, Meaning “Blue”.

Web what does the name livia mean? Log in to save this name to your favorites. Web the name livia is a girl's name of spanish, latin origin meaning blue, envious.

Livia Means “Of The Livius Family”, “Bluish” And “Envious” (From Latin “Lividus”) And “Olive Tree”, “Olive” Or “Olive Tree Planter” (From.

The meaning, origin and history of. Livia is also a hebrew form of the english and hebrew liviya. Web livia name meanings in english, personality, lucky number, lucky stone, origin and religion.