What Does The Name Mari Mean

What Does The Name Mari Mean. Web mari (愛梨) japanese girl name meaning | popular baby name. Origin and meaning of mari.

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A variant form of maria; Web what is the meaning of the name mari? Persistent and prominent mari is used predominantly in greenlandic, danish, armenian, tamil, norwegian, sanskrit, icelandic, swedish, finnish.

It Is Also A Devotional Given Name In Tamil.

In the greek origin, mari means flower. Mari is of old greek,. Web mari name meaning and origin.

Web Mari (愛梨) Japanese Girl Name Meaning | Popular Baby Name.

Web what does the name mari mean? Fact checked by cara lustik. The name mari is girl’s name of welsh origin meaning drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved.

The Name Mari Is Primarily A Female Name Of Hebrew Origin That Means Of The Sea Or Bitter.

Web what does mari mean? In the latin origin, mari means of the sea. Mari 3 f basque mythology.

Web The Different Meanings Of The Name Mari Are:

It is of welsh and latin origin, and the meaning of mari is star of the sea. Mari is the name of the basque goddess of fertility and weather and is also, for. In estonian it's often perceived as a derivation of mari(berry).

Mari Meaning, Mari Popularity, Mari Hieroglyphics, Mari Numerology, And Other Interesting Facts.

It can be seen as a cognate of mary in danish, finnish, norwegian or swedish. Origin and meaning of mari. A variant form of maria;