What Does The Name Marley Mean

What Does The Name Marley Mean. In english baby names the meaning of the name marley is: Web user submitted meanings a user from canada says the name marley is of english originand means it can mean 'pleasant wood' or 'pleasant seaside.

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What Is The Origin Of The Name Marley?

Web it means “marshy meadow,” “pleasant wood,” or “boundary.” the name was originally used to refer to someone who lived near a boundary or clearing. Marley is one of the top unisex names in the u.s., but is typically. Web marley as a name for girls (also used less regularly as boys' name marley) has its root in english, and marley means marshy meadow.

Web The Meaning Of The Name “Marley” Is:

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Web The Name Marley Is Both A Boy's Name And A Girl's Name Of English Origin Meaning Pleasant Seaside Meadow.

See what 2 people think about marley. Marley is an alternate form of marlee. Reggae master bob's surname was one of the.

Web Marley Is An Old English Surname Which Has Now Been Transferred To A Unisex Given Name.

Marley as a boys' name (also used more generally as girls' name marley) is of old english origin, and the meaning of marley is meadow near the. Harley is a tough guy, while the rhyming marley. Marley is in some countries a unisex name, in some countries just.

Web What Does Marley Mean?

Web marley name meaning and origin what does marley mean? Web marley is an english name meaning boundary wood. Web marley is also an english form of the german, polish, and english marlene.