What Does The Name Paola Mean

What Does The Name Paola Mean. What is the meaning of the name paola? The name paola is a girl's name of italian origin.


The meaning of paola is “small”. Paola is an italian girl name, which has 5 letters. What is the origin of the name paola?

Paola Is A Female Given Name Of Italian Origin.

Paola ruffo di calabria became queen of.web Girl first name 24k in the.web The meaning of paola is “small”.

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Paola as a girls’ name is of latin origin, and the name paola means small. In italian the meaning of the name paola is: The name paola is a girl’s name of italian origin.

What Does The Name Paola Mean?

What does paola name mean? The meaning & origin of the name paola. Paola is an italian variant of the latin name paula.

Paola Ruffo Di Calabria Became Queen Of Belgium In 1993.Web

Paola is a ♀ girl’s name. Feminine form of paulo, the italian version of paul, from the latin paulus, meaning small or humble. Keep in mind that many names may have different meanings in other countries and languages, so be careful that the.web

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Paola is a feminine name of italian origin. Paola is the latinate version of paula. It is derived from the latin name paulus,.web