What Does The Name Venus Mean

What Does The Name Venus Mean. Web the name venus is a girl's name of latin origin meaning desire. Web venus is baby girl name mainly popular in christian religion and its main origin is.

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Web means venus (planet) in kyrgyz. Goddess of love and beauty. Name venus in the latin origin, means.

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Web derived literally from the word venus which means 'love'. It is of latin origin. A bold name that will rock parents.

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Web info venus originates in latin language and means love and desire. Web in latin baby names the meaning of the name venus is: Venus is the name of the ancient roman goddess of beauty and love.

It Is Also The Name Of The Second Planet Closest To The.

Web what is the meaning of the name venus? This is the name of the roman goddess of love, beauty and fertility, equivalent of greek aphrodite. Venus name meanings is the loved one, beloved, desire.

The Name Venus Derives From The Latin Word “Venus” Meaning.

Web the meaning of the name “venus” is: Web venus name meaning and origin what does venus mean? Goddess of love ♥ add.

Middle Name Pairings Venus Tala (V.t.),.

People search this name as venus. The name was borne in roman mythology by the goddess of. From a slavic word meaning morning star, venus.