What Does The Name Zena Mean

What Does The Name Zena Mean. Zena name meaning and origin what does zena mean? What does the baby name zena mean?

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What is the meaning of the name zena? Name zena in the ग्रीक, malayalam origin, means a hospitable woman. The baby girl name zena is of greek origin.

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Nicknames or pet names, polish names, uncommon names, unique names, unusual names. Zena is of old greek origin. What is the meaning of the name zena?

Zena Is The Feminine Version Of The English, French, German,.Web

What does the name zena mean? Also is a short form of zenobia. Babycenter user data popularity over time babies per million source:

Abbreviation Of Zenobia, A Third Century Arab Queen.

Zena as a girls' name is of greek origin, and the meaning of zena is guest, stranger. Zena meaning, zena popularity, zena hieroglyphics, zena numerology, and other interesting facts.web With his rifle strapped across his chest, ziad*, a senior leader of the tulkarem brigades, is a man of few words.

Zena Name Meaning And Origin What Does Zena Mean?

Your browser does not support this feature. Here, the meaning is 'of zeus'. Click through to find out more information about the name zena on.web

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In latin baby names the meaning of the name zena is: What is the meaning of the name zena? According to a user from virginia, u.s., the.web