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What Does The Name Zoya Mean. Web numerology zoya name numerological number is : It means lady in russian, lady in ukrainian, lady in belarusian and lady in bulgarian.

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People [ edit ] zoya (born 1993), american. Web what does the baby name zoya mean? Web zoya is a girl’s name of bulgarian, ukrainian, belarusian and russian origin, derived from the greek name zoe.

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Life welcome baby into the world with the feminine name zoya. People [ edit ] zoya (born 1993), american. Web the name zoya is a girl's name of russian origin.

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Zoya is an equally rare surname for both adults and children. Learn about what zoya means, its history & origin, popularity in our random name database, pronunciation, similar names, nicknames &. Great names for little feet to grow on for name starts with ends with contains meaning names search by name super.

Zoya Is The Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, And Belarusian Form Of Zoe.

Web the meaning of zoya is : Zōḗ is a hellenization of the. In russian baby names the meaning of.

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Web what does the baby name zoya mean? Name zoya is of russian,. Web the name zoya is primarily a female name of russian origin that means life.

Web Zoya Is A Russian Name That Is Derived From The Greek Name Zoe, Which Means “Life.” In Russian, The Name Zoya Is Often Associated With The Concept Of Vitality.

Discover the origin, popularity, zoya name meaning, and names related to zoya with mama natural’s fantastic baby. Web according to a user from pakistan, the name zoya is of persian / iranian origin and means full of life, life itself, a gift of god, exotic;. This name derives from the ancient greek “zô (ζῶ) zōḗ (ζωή),” meaning “to live, a living, property, life.”.