Zeke Name Meaning Arabic

Zeke Name Meaning Arabic. Web zaki is a quranic name for boys that means “righteous”, “pure from sin”, “pious”, “blessed”. Web zeke is a boy's name.

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Web zeke is an muslim boy name, meaning the memory of the lord. Zeke name meaning in indonesian is memory of the lord. What does the name zeke mean?

Meaning Of The Name Zeke.

It is the arabic version of jacob and. Meaning of zeke name, its origin, religion. Meaning “prince” or “commander,” amir is a popular muslim boys’ name with both arabic and persian roots.

This Arabic Boys’ Name Means “Strong”.

Emotion evoked from the name zeke: 8 is the lucky number for zeke and favorable numbers. Web yakub or yaqub (arabic:

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Web zeke is a muslim boy name which originates from the arabic language.acording to numerology predictions, lucky number for zeke is 8. Web zeke is an muslim boy name, meaning the memory of the lord. Hebrew names, jewish names, nicknames or pet names.

In The Arabic Origin, Zeke Means The Memory Of.

Web the name zeke is both a boy's name and a girl's name of hebrew origin meaning god strengthens. God strengthens, or may god strengthen. Strength of god (قوة الله) the memory of the lord (ذكرى الرب) the lord has remembered (لقد تذكر الرب) god will strengthen (سيقوي الله).

Zeke Is A Male Given Name And Is Of Hebrew Origin.

Zeke name meaning in english are. Number of syllables in the name zeke: Web full meaning of zekee.