Meaning Of The Name Estrella

Meaning Of The Name Estrella. Name popularity related ratings comments name days. Stella originates in latin language and means like a star.

Estrella Last Name Popularity, Meaning and Origin

A feminized word meaning star. Discover the origin, popularity, estrella name meaning, and names related to estrella with mama natural’s fantastic. Meaning, usage and numerology interpretation.

Web What Is The Meaning Of The Name Estrella?

The name estrella evokes poise, commitment and awareness. Web the meaning of the girl name estrella is star. Destiny, luck and more surprising facts.

Estrella Is A Version Of Asta (Greek, Old Norse):

Estrella is also a form of estelle (old french, latin): The word is also used in other romance languages, such as italian and french. Estrella meaning, estrella popularity, estrella hieroglyphics, estrella numerology, and other interesting facts.

Estrella Is A Spanish Variant Of Stella.

It is more often used as a girl name. Web the baby girl name estrella is of french origin. Also a nickname of anastasia.

Web Estrella Name Origin.

Name estrella is of spanish origin and is a girl name. 2 submissions from arizona, u.s. Name popularity related ratings comments name days.

Estrella Has Been Popular In The Us Since 1997, Alongside Estella And Estelle.

Web the meaning of the name “estrella” is: People who like the name estrella. Name estrella in the spanish origin, means a feminized word meaning star.