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Name Meaning God's Servant. Web obadiah is a hebrew name that means servant of god. Web elijah is the most popular boy name that means god.

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عبد‎‎) is an arabic word meaning one who is subordinated as a slave or a servant, and it means also to. Web sometimes the concept of the servant seems to refer to those in israel who were spiritual, the righteous remnant who remained faithful to the lord. They include deacon, meaning ‘helper’ or ‘messenger’, abdiel, which means ‘servant of god’, therapon, also.

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Web the meaning of this name is ‘servant of god.’ osman means ‘god’s servant’ in english. Along with elijah, other boy names meaning god in the us top 1000 include daniel, matthew, jack, jeremy, nathaniel,. Web names with meanings that relate to god’s plan, such as “carried by god” or “gift from god” can be fitting choices for religious families.

In The Old Testament Abednego Is The Babylonian Name Given To Azariah, One Of The Three Men Cast Into A Furnace But Saved.

It also has arabic and turkish origins with different meanings. Currently we have 28 boys names contains meaning word servant in our. It is a beautiful name for both girls and boys, which originated from indian origin.

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Web the meaning of this name is a noble servant of god. Web elijah is the most popular boy name that means god. At the height of their usage in 1984, 23.010% of baby boys were given god names.

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In the marvel cinematic universe, obadiah stane, who was also called iron monger, was the main. Web the names rose in popularity from the 1930s up to the 1980s. Browse babycenter for more baby name ideas that you will love.

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This was the name of a sun. Web derived from nebo, the babylonian god of wisdom. Web elagabalus m semitic mythology (latinized) latinized form of an arabic name, derived from إله (ilah) meaning god and جبل (jabal) meaning mountain.